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DARLINGHURST ENTERPRISES is a privately-run, multi-brand holding company focused on creating value, solving problems, and empowering individuals. DE achieves each of these three aims by designing, developing, and marketing stunningly designed, technologically innovative products and experiences.  The firm owns and operates several brands.  DE continues to grow and exceed expectations as a fully bootstrapped startup with exceptional growth of 1100% in the first year, consistent revenue, and profitability from inception. Though the firm was founded as a luxury holding company, it has diversified into an industry-agnostic holding company model with a strong focus on technology that is focused on creating maximum shareholder value in the minimum amount of time. Luxury and fashion will comprise less than 60% of the portfolio until the profit margins match the current profit margins in technology. For this reason, we are out-licensing fragrance and handbags for the acquired haute couture label in a 7-year deal which will provide ample stability and security to the designer as well as to the firm. By the time the deal ends, DE will have sold off all inherited assets, completed additional deals, become a public company, and have a longer track record.


Luxury Manufacturing for Internal and External Brands

Luxury French Womenswear Label - shifting to primarily season-less model

An Acquired, Undisclosed Haute Couture Label - turnaround and then M&A

Electronic product in education - will eventually M&A

Inherited Assets Positioning for Sale in 2019 and 2020:

Electronic monitoring product in nutrition, dietary planning, and cooking

Low-carb, weight-loss supplements and meal replacement drinks

Medical practice in urgent care and weight loss management

Land available for development

(2) Commercial properties and (1) Luxury house available for sale or lease