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DARLINGHURST ENTERPRISES is a privately-run, multi-brand holding company focused on creating value, solving problems, and empowering individuals. DE achieves each of these three aims by designing, developing, and marketing stunningly designed, technologically innovative products and experiences.  The firm owns and operates several brands.  DE continues to grow and exceed expectations as a fully bootstrapped startup with consistent revenue and profitability from inception. Currently engaged in a seed round closing in the near future, DE is keen to keep making a difference in the luxury field and to shift from a freelancer team to a salaried team.

The firm is already at 1100% growth in its first year starting from only a small investment for sewing machines and fabric—a tremendous result unprecedented in the fashion industry. This remarkable growth and success is due entirely to the exceptional team, all of whom have helped build the firm to where it is today as an emerging leader focused exclusively on the luxury sector. As a fully vertically integrated operation, DE has a permanent supply of cashmere, mohair, and cotton, alongside comprehensive design and manufacturing capabilities. DE fully owns and operates a garment factory and a luxury womenswear label and also owns a majority stake in a distressed haute couture label. Licensing arrangements for eyewear, fragrance, shoes, and handbags are already underway for the haute couture label with key stakeholders in New York and Los Angeles including but not limited to Luxottica, Titan Industries and Coty International. At this time, the haute couture label will not be entering into the ready to wear apparel business and is instead laser focused on timeless, seasonless items that retain their value over time. Brand building is a key focus for all divisions.

DE is a positive energy, rich habits, workplace that offers unparalleled benefits. By treating the team well, they continue to work hard to ensure they build DE brands well and ensure market leadership in the years to come.

“Move swift as the Wind and closely-formed as the Wood. Attack like the Fire and be still as the Mountain.”

Sun Tzu