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Founded 2017

DARLINGHURST ENTERPRISES is a privately-run, multi-brand, media-driven luxury holding company focused on creating value, solving problems, and empowering individuals. As an emerging luxury fashion and beauty conglomerate, DE achieves each of these three aims by designing, developing, and marketing stunningly designed, technologically innovative products and experiences in a media-first manner.  The firm owns and operates a French fashion label and a fashion manufacturing site in Paris.  DE continues to grow and to exceed expectations as a fully bootstrapped startup with sustainable growth from founding to the present day.

Registration: Wyoming LLC, England Ltd, Bermuda Ltd (pending hq), and France SAS (pending)

Business Management Headquarters: London

Design and Manufacturing Headquarters: Paris

Auditing Representation: Ernst & Young LLP

Legal Representation: Withers Worldwide LLP, Appleby LLP, Conyers LLP, and Minc Law LLP

Business Banking Representation: Revolut for Business

Shipping Representation: FedEx and DHL

Venture Debt Representation: FuseThree and Clearbanc

Inventory Finance Representation: Corporate Finance New York